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Aylesbury Hundreds Rotary Technical Tournament

On Monday 5 February we held our annual Technology Tournament at The Aylesbury Vale Academy.

Teams of students from across Aylesbury were set the task of designing a powered device to cross a crocodile-infested swamp. Each team was presented with materials and given a list of permitted tools. After an hour of planning they were allowed to begin their building. The success of the device was judged, as was their portfolio of designs and deliberations.

We had winning teams in three age bands from The Grange School and The Cottesloe School. There were also awards for students from Aylesbury High School and The Kingsbrook School.

We were delighted to be hosted again this year by Aylesbury Vale Academy. It is our third year at this venue and we extend our thanks to Principal Gavin Gibson and his team.

The event was also supported by our friends from the Wendover and Winslow Rotary Clubs.